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The Univesity of Cincinnati Libraries make digital collections available through open access. These collections can be found through the Digital Collections web site.

A limited number of copies of the CD-ROM collections once made available by the University of Cincinnati Digital Press can still be requested. Please see our Order Form to request copies of these remaindered items.

For online exhibits once found on this site, go to digitalprojects.libraries.uc.edu/exhibits.

For bibliographies of UCDP title, go to ucdp.uc.edu.bibs.html.

For Lewis and Clark: A Journey, go to digitalprojects.libraries.uc.edu/lewsiandclark/

For Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio, go to digitalprojects.libraries.uc.edu/ArtAsImage/

If you have any questions please email ucdp@uc.edu.  Thank you.

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